Friday, May 20, 2005

The active ingredient is REAL PINE OIL!!!

"A clean you can smell." Pine Sol
by the Juice

So over Christmas, Target stores was sellin' an exclusive Play-Doh playset. It came with the normal set of Play-Doh shit (Molds, some tools, etc). I wish I had taken a pic of the set. But, the dang Play-Doh vultures at the Brockman trailer have long since digested what was left of the playset.

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What so great about this set was that it came with a can of Play-Doh. I know, I know. It makes sense that if it's a Play-Doh set, it should come with some Play-Doh. It don't take a genius to figure that out. But, this ain't no ordinary can of Play-Doh! It's pine scented! Nice! Now, I did have my misgivin's initially. One of the greatest things about Play-Doh is the stank. When you mention Play-Doh, most adult's eyes roll back in a sort of weird pleasure remembrance. Kinda like their first time. But minus all that emotional baggage. If only Play-Doh tasted as good as it smelled. Ask those same adults about the taste, and it's likely their eyes will roll back in disgust from the taste. Not that the Juice ever tasted it. At least not recently. Alright, I admit it. I tasted in again for the article. Can't a guy hope that they improved the taste? It ain't any better, by the by...

Back to the Pine Scent. Now that the Juice has had some time to consider it, the stank's not so bad. It definitely smells like a Christmas tree. With just a hint of real Play-Doh smell. I gotta tell you that it was weird openin' the can and smellin' Pine. Sort of like openin' a bag of Doritos and smellin' chocolate chip cookies. Not entirely unpleasant. Just unexpected. And unpleasant.

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My only complaint is the size of the container. WTFMFF? It's so dang tiny. How do they expect kids (or the Juice) to make anythin' with the amount of Play-Doh they give you? What a crime. Ok, maybe there are worse things in the world, but next time, I want more smellified Play-Doh.

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One of the local toy stores is sellin' a multi pack of "crazy scented" Play-Doh. The Juice is lookin' to pick this up in the near future. So, be on the look out for another Play-Doh review. You know. Whenever I get a spare second. You people are so dang needy.